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Kamailio module tm 내용 정리.


t_relay([host, port])

Relay a message statefuly either to the destination in the current URI (if called without any parameters) or to the specified host and port. In the later case (host and port specified) the protocol used is the same protocol on which the message was received.

t_relay() is the stateful version for forward() while t_relay(host, port) is similar to forward(host, port).

In the forward to uri case (t_relay()), if the original URI was rewritten (by UsrLoc, RR, strip/prefix, etc.) the new URI will be taken. The destination (including the protocol) is determined from the uri, using SIP specific DNS resolving if needed (NAPTR, SRV a.s.o depending also on the dns options).

Returns a negative value on failure -- you may still want to send a negative reply upstream statelessly not to leave upstream UAC in lurch.

if (!t_relay()) 

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