LRN(Location Routing Number)

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LRN(Location Routing Number) 내용정리.


LRN(Location Routing Number) is an identification for a telephone switch for the purpose of routing telephone calls through the PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Network) in the United States.

When telephone numbers port over from another carrier, the provider assigned an LRN to the number to ensure routing is correct.

An LRN is a part of how calls are routed, namely calls to ported or pooled numbers are routed based on the NPA-NXX of the number's associated LRN. If a customer ports their number to another provider, the current telephone number can be retained and only the LRN needs to be changed.

Each carrier has at least one LRN per LATA(Local Access and Transport Area). LRN were created to provide local number portability by allowing numbers to route successfully when moved between carriers.

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