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Asterisk database 명령어 정리


earth*CLI> help database 
database del                   -- Removes database key/value
database deltree               -- Removes database keytree/values
database get                   -- Gets database value
database put                   -- Adds/updates database value
database query                 -- Run a user-specified query on the astdb
database show                  -- Shows database contents
database showkey               -- Shows database contents


지정한 family 와 key 에 설정된 값을 표시한다.

earth*CLI> help database get
Usage: database get <family> <key>
       Retrieves an entry in the Asterisk database for a given
       family and key.


earth*CLI> database get dundi secretexpiry
Value: 1488557490


현재 database 에 설정되어 있는 key 와 value 를 보여준다.

Usage: database show [family [keytree]]
   OR: database show [family[/keytree]]
       Shows Asterisk database contents, optionally restricted
       to a given family, or family and keytree. The two arguments
       may be separated either by a space or by a slash.