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Telnyx 서비스 내용 정리

Phone numbers

Telnyx's phone number API enables the below things.

  • Search for and purchase numbers
  • Configure numbers by associating a connection.
  • Enable phone number-specific features such as call forward failover, Caller ID and CNAM.


NPA stands for Number Plan Area, commonly called Area Code. "NXX" refers to the three digits of a phone number immediately following the area code, also called the "exchange" or the Central Office Designation. Each DID is typically made up of NPA-NXX-FDN. The FDN(Fixed Dialer Number) refers to the 4 digits that follow the NXX.

자세한 내용은 이곳을 참조하자.


Telnyx's connection API enables the below things.

  • Provision SIP trunks.
  • Configure inbound/outbound settings such as failover, number format, codecs, encryption and more.