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Asterisk manager 명령어 내용 정리


manager 명령어는 AMI 메시지를 담당하는 모듈이다.

사용가능한 AMI 명령어, 사용자 접근제어 등을 관리한다.


manager 명령어를 담당하는 모듈의 이름은 manager 이다.

pluto*CLI> module reload manager 


pluto*CLI> help manager
manager reload                 -- Reload manager configurations
manager set debug [on|off]     -- Show, enable, disable debugging of the manager code
manager show command           -- Show a manager interface command
manager show commands          -- List manager interface commands
manager show connected         -- List connected manager interface users
manager show eventq            -- List manager interface queued events
manager show events            -- List manager interface events
manager show event             -- Show a manager interface event
manager show settings          -- Show manager global settings
manager show users             -- List configured manager users
manager show user              -- Display information on a specific manager user

show command

pluto*CLI> help manager show command
Usage: manager show command <actionname> [<actionname> [<actionname> [...]]]
	Shows the detailed description for a specific Asterisk manager interface command.

show commands

사용가능한 AMI action command 리스트를 보여준다.

pluto*CLI> help manager show commands
Usage: manager show commands
	Prints a listing of all the available Asterisk manager interface commands.


pluto*CLI> manager show commands
  Action                          Synopsis
  ------                          --------
  AbsoluteTimeout                 Set absolute timeout. 
  AgentLogoff                     Sets an agent as no longer logged in. 
  Agents                          Lists agents and their status. 
  AGI                             Add an AGI command to execute by Async AGI. 

show connected

현재 접속되어 있는 사용자들의 목록을 보여준다.

pluto*CLI> help manager show connected
Usage: manager show connected
	Prints a listing of the users that are currently connected to the Asterisk manager interface.


pluto*CLI> manager show connected
  Username         IP Address                                               Start       Elapsed     FileDes   HttpCnt   Read   Write
  test                                                   1476265437  3           75        0         2147483647  2147483647
1 users connected.

show eventq

현재 pending 되어 있는 모든 event 메시지를 보여준다.

pluto*CLI> help manager show eventq
Usage: manager show eventq
	Prints a listing of all events pending in the Asterisk manger
event queue.


pluto*CLI> manager show eventq
Usecount: 1
Category: 262144
Event: RequestBadFormat
Privilege: security,all
EventTV: 2016-10-12T09:47:41.510+0000
Severity: Error
Service: AMI
EventVersion: 1
SessionID: 0x76303354
LocalAddress: IPV4/TCP/
RemoteAddress: IPV4/TCP/
RequestType: Action: NONE
SessionTV: 2016-10-12T09:43:57.067+0000
AccountID: test

show events

AMI event 메시지 목록을 보여준다.

pluto*CLI> help manager show events
Usage: manager show events
	Prints a listing of the available Asterisk manager interface events.


pluto*CLI> manager show events
  --------------------  --------------------  --------------------  
  AGIExecEnd            AGIExecStart          AOC-D               
  AOC-E                 AOC-S                 AgentCalled         

show event

지전된 AMI Event 의 상세한 내용을 나타낸다.

pluto*CLI> help manager show event
Usage: manager show event <eventname>
       Provides a detailed description a Manager interface event.


pluto*CLI> manager show event OriginateResponse
Event: OriginateResponse
Raised in response to an Originate command.

Event: OriginateResponse
[ActionID:] <value>
Response: <value>
Channel: <value>
Context: <value>
Exten: <value>
Application: <value>
Data: <value>
Reason: <value>
Uniqueid: <value>
CallerIDNum: <value>
CallerIDName: <value>


[See Also]

show settings

manager 모듈 설정값을 나타낸다.

pluto*CLI> help manager show settings
Usage: manager show settings
       Provides detailed list of the configuration of the Manager.


pluto*CLI> manager show settings

Global Settings:
  Manager (AMI):             Yes            
  Web Manager (AMI/HTTP):    No             
  TCP Bindaddress:    
  HTTP Timeout (minutes):    60             
  TLS Enable:                No             
  TLS Bindaddress:           Disabled       
  TLS Certfile:              asterisk.pem   
  TLS Privatekey:                           
  TLS Cipher:                               
  Allow multiple login:      Yes            
  Display connects:          Yes            
  Timestamp events:          No             
  Channel vars:                             
  Debug:                     No             

show users

설정된 사용자 정보를 표시한다.

pluto*CLI> help manager show users
Usage: manager show users
       Prints a listing of all managers that are currently configured on that


pluto*CLI> manager show users

1 manager users configured.

show user

지정된 사용자 정보를 표시한다.

pluto*CLI> help manager show user
 Usage: manager show user <user>
        Display all information related to the manager user specified.


pluto*CLI> manager show user test

          username: test
            secret: <Set>
               ACL: yes
         read perm: system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config,dtmf,reporting,cdr,dialplan,originate,agi,cc,aoc,test,security,message,all
        write perm: system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config,dtmf,reporting,cdr,dialplan,originate,agi,cc,aoc,test,security,message,all
   displayconnects: yes
allowmultiplelogin: yes