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Kamailio dispatcher 모듈 내용 정리



This parameter defines the valid response codes, which are accepted as a valid reply to the PING-Method. It is a list separated by colons, where you may define either a single code (e.g. "code=202" would accept 202 as an additional, valid response) or a class of responses, you want to accept(e.g. "class=2" would accept everything from 200 to 299 as valid response). This parameter can be modified via config framework.

Please note that the response codes the module accepts as valid reply to the PING-Method are not only ones generated from the remote servers, but also those that are generated locally. E.g.:setting code=408 or class=400 will never set a backend down even if it is, because internally the Kamailio transactio layer generates a 408 in the case of no response from the remote server, and this internal code 408 is accepted as valid value.

Default value is ""(Only 200 OK is accepted).

modparam("dispatcher", "ds_ping_reply_codes", "class=2;code=403;code=488;class=3")


Controls what gateways are tested to see if they are reachable.

modparam("dispatcher", "ds_probing_mode", 3)


dispatcher tcp

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