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Sipp - Sip protocol traffic generator/test tool 내용 정리.

Default scenario

Sipp 에서는 기본 동작 시나리오를 제공한다. 크게 다음과 같다.

- 'uac'      : Standard SipStone UAC (default).
- 'uas'      : Simple UAS responder.
- 'regexp'   : Standard SipStone UAC - with regexp and variables.
- 'branchc'  : Branching and conditional branching in scenarios - client.
- 'branchs'  : Branching and conditional branching in scenarios - server.

Default 3pcc scenarios (see -3pcc option):

- '3pcc-C-A' : Controller A side (must be started after all other 3pcc
- '3pcc-C-B' : Controller B side.
- '3pcc-A'   : A side.
- '3pcc-B'   : B side.


uas example

$ sipp -sn uas -i -p 5061

uac example

$ sipp -sn uac -i



Setting a values in the scenarios.

$ sipp -key clid "testcall" -sf ./main.xml

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